You should check out this article on upfitting your truck to make it more organized and durable. The author makes a great point about how you can do anything from turning the back into a platform for machinery, all the way to making it fully customizable with attachments like cranes attached!

Upfitting is an integral part of owning a fleet. Whether it's modifying each truck for the type industry they operate in or changing out features such as cargo space and load capacity, upfitting can give owners versatility when transporting goods.

But research needs to be done before making any huge decisions like deciding whether you want aluminum siding or stainless steel paneling instead - there are no rules on what material should go into this process even if at first glance
Upfitting your truck can provide functional value for the needs of any work you may need to do. 

Whether it’s a light-duty or medium-duty, there are options that will suit what you need from them. The upfits themselves make storage space and organization easier by adding more boxes on top where they belong instead of stuffed in at floor level with other objects like tires. This not only improves durability but also makes driving safer as well since all items have their place without having to lay around on floors which could cause sliding accidents when things get wet after rainstorms too often happen during summer months anyways!

Upfitting trucks is an investment worth considering because even if they cost some money upfront, the benefits outweigh this initial fee due to the ability to adapt your trucks to your business needs.

There are options such as a landscape truck body, a service truck body even dump bodies and flat landscape truck bodies as well.

Each can be upfitted to almost any truck or you can purchase a truck with your desired truck body style attached already the choice is up to you and your personal and business needs.

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