frontline truck bodies and duramag

Frontline Truck Bodies is now working with Duramag. This means that you will have the opportunity to get one of the best built aluminum truck bodies on the market.
Plus we have them in stock ready to go now- no need to wait months. You will be able to choose from our range of instock ready to go Duramag aluminum truck beds. These include Service truck bodies, flatbed and dump bodies as well as a number of other options including custom options as well.

Besides the excellent craftsmanship that Duramag brings to the table, they are great story of how a you don't need fancy offices and high class high rent locations.

Instead they are centrally located in the heart of Maine. They may not fancy plush and ornate marble but they do have state of the art equipment and manufacture one of the best built aluminum truck bodies in the market.

Besides being made in America they are really the pioneers in the aluminum truck body industry. In 1995, steel dominated the truck body marketplace, less than 10% of truck beds were built with aluminum.

Fast forward to today and Duramag predicted that the demand for aluminum would only grow. So they focused their efforts on creating the largest aluminum recreational manufacturing truck body facility in all of North America.

Their belief is that the right tool for the right time. They have the perfect truck body for the specific job you require.

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