Why upfit a truck?

As the owner of a fleet of trucks, it's your responsibility to make sure that they are safe and in good working order. 

Truck upfitting is one way to keep with changing technologies and industry needs such as modifying each truck for the type of industries involved in or altering features like cargo space and load capacity. 

It takes research before making any major decisions about this process but luckily there are so many options available today- even if at first glance some seem too extravagant given their purpose -with no rules on what can be used during an upgrade.

There are a lot of options available to you whether you need a flatbed truck body upfitted or you need maybe a dump body upfit for your truck or something in between. Today more than ever you have more options available to you but you need to factor in a waiting time to get your truck upfitted.

Sometimes a truck upfitting company may have truck beds available immediately but other times they may not and you may have to wait up to 12weeks or more for the truck body to get installed.

You also have option of either steel or aluminum with the steel being considerably less expensive but that also adds significant weight. So, if weight is a concern maybe going with aluminum might be a better option for you or your business.

Are You looking to know more about upfitting your truck or van?

Frontline Motors has created a new division for your truck upfitter needs. We have been a leader among truck body sales locally and now with custom truck upfitting, and we have the resourses needed to satisfy all your upfitting needs.

Contact Frontline Upfitters Today. You can call or text us at 717-627-7888.

Also, if you'd be interested in having a personal vehicle upfitted we can help you there as well because we do custom work as well as paint match.