If you are in the market for a truck bed then you are going to be surprised by the turnaround time to get your truck body put on your truck. 

The type of truck body whether SH (Swampy Hollow), CM or even Switch-N-Go doesn't matter, there is a wait for all of them. 

Given our current pandemic situation this has forced many producers to scramble to have enough parts to build the bodies. This has created a backlog in orders which means long wait times if you order your truck body today. Besides waiting months which you may not even have, the delays can be costly from a business standpoint. 

That's not any good if you have a landscaping business or a commercial business that relies on using truck bodies in your line of work. 

Fortunately, FrontlineTruckBodies.Com a division of has plenty in stock and ready to be installed. This is great news for your company because that means you don't have to wait months and months to get your truck bed installed since we have them in stock. You're ready to go, visit us online or on the web or give us a call or text at 717-627-7888