Running a small business in this economy is getting more and more difficult especially one that requires driving large commercial vehicles to customers. Businesses such as electrical contractors, carpet cleaning companies, pest control, painting or any other business in between.

As profits continue to dwindle and the wear and tear and heavy demands of the used commercial vans start to take their tolls along with the the constant fluctuation of the ever increasing gas prices these businesses still need their fleet to get their job done regardless of the price.

In fact, I'd argue that with less capital available today, that the ability to keep the trucks running smoothly with routine maintenance becomes even more of a headache because the maintenance starts to slowly eat into your profits. But if you don't do the daily maintenance there is the very real possibility that your commercial truck may experience more costly repairs down the road.

This means that you may potentially be faced with the unpleasant task of purchasing a new commercial vehicle or at the very least exploring that option of replacing your vehicle.

But there may be another alternative, you could look at purchasing a used commercial truck or van. For some small businesses purchasing a commercial vehicle could be the equivalent of adding a part-time employee in regards to the of cost. Actually in some ways the risks could be even greater because during an interview you are better able to gauge whether the potential employee will be more of an asset than a liability. You can check references, look at record of previous employment etc.

The idea of buying a new or used truck though brings on a whole new set of concerns such as whether the prospective truck will work on a reliable basis. What is the history of the vehicle, does the truck have the proper service records, were there any accidents etc.

So you may choose to purchase a brand new commercial truck because you know that you'll be getting a solid asset for the business but the price may be very cost prohibitive.

Which means you may then look to purchase previously owned commercial vehicles but you may end up with more headaches and out of pocket expenses than what you previously had started with before you ever even started looking.

Whether you are going through the steps of targeting a large or small truck, for whatever business you own, your business still needs a simple process for identifying and acquiring quality used commercial vehicles.

There are definitely ways and procedures for not buying used commercial trucks or vans but there are definitely ways you can go about doing that.

For instance you may be tempted to just solely look at the cost of the vehicle which is never a good idea because that presents a whole other set of problems such as purchasing from private sellers or small no name auto dealers because they often lack the strict quality control inspection process necessary when selling used commercial vehicles.

Having the internet today though, is an incredibly useful tool that enables you to greatly increase the likelihood that you'll purchase a quality used van or truck because you can view the reputation of the dealership, the length of time they have been in business and the way in which they deal with their past, current and future customers.

Tomorrow we will reveal a number of key tips that will help you when you are looking to purchase your next used commercial vehicle because there are certain do's and don't that you'll want to know that will definitely help you in your search so stay tuned for tomorrow.

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